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The Guardian & Observer Newspapers

Buying and reading the newspaper is a ritualised activity. But the first lockdown in 2020 turned all our usual routines upside down. We positioned the newspaper as an integral part of our readers’ new normal. We worked with Leon Elder, AKA Leilo, to illustrate the joy of life with our newspaper.


The campaign ran across out of home, display, social and press.

And we won Best Integrated Campaign at the Drum Design Awards.


Animated video for social 

Katie and I created the storyboard and worked closely with animation studio More to create a playful story about one woman's morning with the paper...

DAX Radio

We developed more characters across radio and press. In radio, we told the story of people whose lives would be improved, more than they could imagine, just by subscribing to the paper. They were a joy to write and record.

Press Ads

Press Ad_Newspapers2021_Leon.jpg
Press Ad_Newspapers2021_Jolene.jpg
Press Ad_Newspaper2020_SmallTalk.jpg
Press Ad_Newspapers2020_AV.jpg

Creative Director: Sam Jacobs

Creative Team: Octavia Welby, Katie Howe-Dalgleish

Illustrator: Leilo

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